Posted on 29.jun.2017


KaviarFactory is pleased to announce the opening of PAINTING | OR | NOT, a group exhibition bringing together works by 39 contemporary artists. The exhibition will focus on how the terms and understanding of painting is currently being reformulated and challenged. It is a proposition for an open conversation rather than an attempt at a definite conclusion.

This is the KaviarFactory’s fifth annual exhibition, and while the gallery’s doors have been open to the public since the 1st of May, the official inauguration of the exhibition will be held on the 15th of July in the presence of H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway and Chair of the County Council Sonja Alice Steen.

While previous exhibitions at the KaviarFactory have introduced a considerable number of key names in the world of contemporary art, PAINTING | OR | NOT turns the focus towards the exhibited objects in their own right. Taking a rhetorical approach, the exhibition leaves it up to the audience to ponder the question implicit in the title. The visitors are invited to stop and ask the same question in front of each work; is this a painting? If yes, then what makes it a painting? And if not, then what is it? What else would it need to have in order to become a painting? The KaviarFactory thus becomes a site for discussion and contemplation, examining the current status of contemporary painting as well as its future.
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